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<script language="Javascript">
Welcome to APRIL'S A1 JAVASCRIPT RESOURCES. April helps provide brains and beauty to any website with functional javascript, and cool effects. Over free cut and paste scripts to date!

 Essential Scripts   Background Effects 
Book Mark, No Right Click, Frame Breaker, Email, Print Page, etc.
Background Changers, Freezer, Fading, Random, etc.
 Form Navigation   Game Scripts 
Back Buttons, Menus, Combos,Links, etc.
Online Games you can play and download.
 Midi Related  MouseOver Scripts 
CD Midi, Random, Select, Jukebox, Text Links, etc.
Background, Cell, Sound, Status, Image Changer, etc.
 Page Effects   Redirection Scripts 
Delayed, Browser Type, Screen Resolution,Day of the Week, etc.
Flying, Moving Images, Scrollers, Shakers, etc.
 Site Navigation   Status Bar Effects 
Action, Tickers, Rotators, Puzzle, Shooter, Time, etc.
Arrow, Drop, Floating Menu, Text Bar, Scrollers,etc.
 Text Effects   Time Related 
Backward, Flashing, Changing, Animators, Faders, Writers, etc.
Calendars, Countdowns, Countup, Clocks, Day/Date, etc.
 User Information   Utilities 
Cookies, History, IP Grabber, Visits, Java Enabled, etc.
Useful tools you can add to your site for you and your visitors to use.
Rotators, Image Viewers, Signs, Debuggers, Welcomes, etc.

 Site Navigation   Page Effects 
Click, Drop, Folder, Hierarchical, Bars, Siders, etc.
Snakes, Trails, Marquees, Transitions, Scrollers, etc.

 Tutorials   Tools 
Tutorials, articles & quick reference sheets for beginners to advanced.
A selection of online tools for creating your own javascripts.
 Post Your Script   Support & Contact Info 
Submit a script to A1 JavaScripts to be added to the archive.
Script support and contacting webmaster information.
 JavaScript Links   Recommend A1 
JavaScript Resource Sites located on the net to save you searching.
Like this site? Recommend it to your friends.

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OpenCube.Com Freebie Directory The Free Site 1000 Website Tools
JavaScript Gate Programmers Heaven

The scripts provided are made by A1 JavaScript Resources, submitted, or found in the public domain.
Please observe the "Terms Of Use" for usage of these scripts
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