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Swift 3D v3 Now Available - Industry-leading 3D Flash Tool

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ColdFusion for Flash ColdFusion 5 fundamentals are introduced particularly within the context of their use in conjunction with Flash.
Updated 19-Sep-2002
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Swift 3D!
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Updated 18-Sep-2002
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A navigation interface I made for a group I'm in. Links are disabled at their behest. .
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Flash Kit Asia 2002 - Conference and Workshop!
Flashkit Asia 2002 - Conference & Workshop is back and will happen 28 - 29 November at The Amara Hotel Singapore. Brought to you by the world's largest Flash developer resource site - and, Flashkit 2002 aims to Innovate, Inspire and Empower! We are now calling for papers from flashkit professionals. Interested presenters for the Flashkit Asia 2002 can contact:
Serene Tay
Conference Manager - Asia
Tel: (+65) 6323 9320
Fax: (+65) 6274 8913

Drum roll please....Swift 3D v3 is now available.
The industry-leading 3D Flash tool just got a whole lot better. Swift 3D v3 includes new rendering capabilities (3D vector realism and photorealistic raster output) and enhanced design workflow (SmartLayer technology) unmatched by any product at any price. Visit to learn more about all the new Swift 3D additions.

Database Journal Launched!
Having troubles hitting the DB with Flash and PHP? Jupiter Media has announced the launch of Database Journal. DBJ offers SQL courses and other database related resources for beginner to expert developers.

Think big...think 3D...think Big 3D Contest!
FlashKit and Electric Rain have joined along with many other sponsors to bring you The Big 3D contest. The Big 3D contest is the largest 3D web contest ever assembled with over $15,000 in prizes and exposure to 200,000 people. To learn more about elevating yourself to the stats of "3D Flash Guru" visit

Eyeland in Overhaul!!
Eyeland Studio is currently in the process of overhauling its Flash Foundry membership product with new components, tutorials, interfaces, animations, buttons and more. Flash Foundry will be updated daily through the end of September. Check out Eyeland' Studio's growing collection of components in Flash Foundry at

Mac version of ScreenTime for Flash Version 2 Released!!
ScreenTime Media has announced ScreenTime for Flash version 2 for Mac OS X. The new version is the first of its kind to support native Flash MX playback on Mac OS X! Check it out here.

Flash Player Security update!
Macromedia has announced the release of Flash Player 6,0,47,0 which addresses some security issues. More info is available here.

Flash Kit in black and white! Macromedia Flash Development Goodies authored by Aria Danika, Flash Kit supermod and co-author of Flash MX Magic from New Riders, is now available. Reserve your carry-along Flash Kit fix now!!

Why write business docs when you can win them??
Win over $1000 USD worth of templates, graphics, business docs and other turn-key resources in ProposalKit's Template Kit Contest. More info is available here.

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Updated 18-Sep-2002
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» rhythmicmotion (1205k)
by Webdivo
Updated 18-Sep-2002
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 »Create a Drop Down Menu for showing pictures
 »XML-Based Searchable Database (part 3): list matches, preloader and more...
 »Shane Seminole Mielke - 2advanced / PixelRanger
 »Data Binding in Flash MX
 »Keeping Score
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 »Proposal Kit's Contract Pack
 »Driving Car Boundarys
 »Flash MX Sound Object Tutorial
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